Four Elements for Chanel Fine Watchmaking and New Watches at 2018 SIHH (A)

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Who can attract all attention on her? It’s Coco Chanel. She tried her best to bring her talent into full play, and her influence and quotes are immortal. The later generations have been researching her fashion creation spirit little by little. Designers bring classic elements and fresh vitality into new products. Chanel fine watchmaking reaches up to a new level in 2018. Who said High fashion brand couldn’t create advanced watches? I think the flawless fusion of perfect design and high-end craftsmanship successfully build exclusive features for Chanel. Chanel fine watchmaking is a successful model to combine high fashion and iconic elements. The four iconic elements will make Chanel watch one of the most recognized and classic watch brands.

ELEMENT 1: Celtic Four Fold Knot
Coco Chanel built up rich inspiration on colors, patterns and fashion in D’obazine orphanage, even high fashion and watches were inspired by celtic four fold knot decor on the windows. For Chanel watchmaking, to design movements with such patterns was a challenge. Chanel created such movements from skeleton design. Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton watch is equipped with in-house movement, calibre 3 inspired by celtic four fold knot decor. The difficult design is how to balance rectangle watch case and skeleton interlaced round circles. Parts of calibre 3 break conventional ways of thinking on designing the plywood and the bridge. From the disassembled parts, we see semicircle and arc-shaped parts which stand out iconic features of Chanel. High-end craftsmanship improves the skeleton movement to an aesthetic level successfully. What’s more, gear train in a vertical column looks unique.

Calibre 3

Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton watch

ELEMENT 2: Camellia
It’s said that Ms Chanel was fond of camellias, because she likes La Dame aux Camélias. Ms Chanel wore a camellia-shaped brooch in 1923, which opened a new icon as design inspiration. Chanel high jewelry built a camellia-themed collection. Chanel cooperated with APRP yo create a camellia-shaped tourbillon. Thanks for outstanding design and look, the tourbillon gained affirmation from Geneva. The design director, Giulio Papi confessed the camellia tourbillon frame was the most difficult and challenging device of what he designed. The second self-made movement, calibre 2 is a skeleton movement themed by a camellia. Calibre 2 was assembled into Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton watch with rectangle case. The design for calibre 2 faced the same challenge like calibre 3, but calibre 2 with rich lines and layers not only forms camellia outline but also expresses vivid petals in simple ways. Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Camélia skeleton watch is equipped with calibre 2.1, the extended version of calibre 2. An eccentric skeleton camellia blooms in the dial, dazzling, luxury and elegant.

Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton watch with Calibre 2

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Camélia skeleton watch with calibre 2.1