The workplace is the battlefield for adults. Here, you must be brave to meet opportunities and challenges. But sometimes, you need some matching skills to stand out from the crowd. Your wearing philosophy is the expression of self-style. In the face of different occasions, you should always show the best state: release passionate creativity in the work; stay calm at the meeting; interpret the fashion charm at the party; exude elegance in the dinner.

“Self-presentation” at the Conference

Meetings are an important occasion in the workplace. How to express yourself to win the favor from leadership is a compulsory course for a workplace. In the eye-catching formal occasions, it is a must to speak good, but the details of the accessories can inadvertently show the true attitude. Every elite in the workplace has a watch with exclusive style. The steel watch with simple lines is matched well with a smart suit. The logo is replaced by bees and stars. The understated but hidden edge is simple but not simplicity, just as your work attitude in the workplace.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

Elite women in the workplace, the meticulous image makes people feel incomprehensible, and always falls into the stereotype of “strong women”. With a small suit and a small watch, they add a touch of tenderness to the wrist to ease the serious atmosphere. The cold and hard wind brought by steel and PVD materials is matched with the cute cat animal pattern, combining of softness and softness as well as gas field and affinity, which showcase the modern professional women’s style without fear and difficulty. The Gucci G-Timeless series watches break the traditional design concept of the watch, redefining the beauty of the watch with a three-dimensional suspension effect, showing the extraordinary taste of the wrist.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

“Bright Eye Talks” at the Party

Weekend gatherings are both an exciting Casual Day and a great time to expand your network. Pick a piece with a story, talk about the connotation, and let your friends shine on your eyes. Gucci’s new watch recreates the classic elements. The stripe pattern was originally designed by Gucci in the 1950s. The green-red-green stripe is also the iconic classic element that Gucci has been using for a long time. It is now used in the dial and strap, which is intended to pay tribute to the brand’s classics and is also the best piece to match the casual style.

Gucci TimeToParr Models

Gucci G-Timeless Striped Watch

Tips of stealing the spotlight in Dinner Banquets

Gold ornaments, like diamonds, are always good friends of women. If you match the gold ornaments with the gemstones, you will not only avoid the golden age, but also the ingenious mix and match will be better than the single element, highlighting the delicate texture. In the occasion of dinners or annual meetings, the stars are shining and the clouds are shining. Le Marché des Merveilles collection jewelry with elegant dresses, 18K yellow gold with pink Opal stone or black onyx set with diamonds, the moment you wear it, it is different, since exquisite accessories will easily attract the audience.

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Collection Jewelry

Careful Matching Skills in Workplace

Can’t stand the same dress code in black and white dress? Paired with a delicate silver color jewelry will make you more vibrant. The Blind for Love collection silver jewelry with black spinel perfectly echos the color of the assembly, rejecting thousands of people and making you stand out. Start with your styling, inspire creativity and enjoy yourself with beautiful shapes while you are busy in work.

Gucci Blind for Love Series Jewelry

Face the different moments in the workplace with a variety of styles, let the poetic aesthetic accessories express a different professional attitude.

Believe that many of watch fans remembered the big event – Quartz Crisis in last century. Even although it’s Swiss watchmakers that began to research quartz movements, most of them suffered terribly in the 1970s to 1980s. As a result, Japanese Quartz watches occupied a big place in the watchmaking field in that time, on the other hand, Swiss mechanical watchmaking lost its first place globally. Longines set about researching and manufacturing Quartz watches from 1954. It’s in 1984 that Longines launched the first Conquest V.H.P. quartz wristwatches. “V.H.P.” refers to “Very High Precision”. Exactly, yearly error for +/-10s proved that it was the most accurate timepiece then. Longines Conquest V.H.P. has revived since Baselworld 2017. The new generation enhanced a lot, like yearly error for +/-5s. The high accuracy owed to the temperature compensation quartz movement ETA developed for Longines. To 2018, Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting gave a surprise.

Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting was unveiled at Roman landmark, Lanterna di Fuksas on September 9, 2018. Guests of honor from all over the world came there to see the unveiling ceremony on that day. Following Longines Conquest V.H.P. and Conquest V.H.P. Chronograph, Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting is the new faces of the Collection. Mr. Walter von Kaenel and Mr. Juan Carlos Capelli (Global President and Global Vice President of Longines) attended the ceremony. Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting is a travel-theme model, whose excellent performance and new features stand out.

Presenting the breakthrough innovations, Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting provides more convenient user experience for travelling lovers. The model is fitted with the second time zone and Flash Setting. Wearers may set the travel time by adjusting the crown manually or Flash Setting. What’s the “Flash Setting”? Flash Setting is a quick setting. You needn’t pull and dial the crown, and just pair the specified application with your smart phone. Without Wifi or Blue teeth, send the command the Flash collects data from the application to the micro hole at 12 O’clock. Flash Setting is a feature. Wherever you are, you can gasp the home time and the travel time. A slim hand with a red arrow tells the second time zone.

Like the former two generations, Longines Conquest V.H.P. GMT Flash Setting is fitted with the exclusive quality quartz movement ETA developed for Longines. Yearly error for ±5s is an echo of Very High Precision. Gear Position Detection will reset the hands in case of suffering shock or magnetism. The Quartz movement extends up to four years. Displayers for E.O.L. and E.O.E. will send signal when power reserve runs out. The date displays precisely until 2399 without adjustment.

Four wristwatches are available, and they are separately Ref.L3.728.4.76.6 (all steel), Ref.L3.718.2.66.6 (all PVD steel), Ref.L3.728.4.96.9 (steel case with blue rubber band) and Ref.L3.718.4.56.9 (steel case with black rubber band). Which will you choose?

2018 will comes to end. Longines is going to its 187th birthday. Longines has created many classic watches in the long history of watchmaking. At present, the deposit of culture has been the selling point and the theme of Longines Heritage Collection. Looking back to watchmaking tradition and taking inspiration from it, Longines constantly adds new members combining vintage features with modern elements to the collection. Here, the leading role is Longines Heritage Chronograph L2.775.4.23.3, a 180th anniversary watch, whose stunning feature is the red “12”.

The Red “12”
Longines Heritage L2.775.4.23.3 is inspired by Longines Antique Pocket Watches. In that era when pocket watches were popular, the design was classed as two types: the crown located at 12 O’clock, and the crown set at 3 O’clock. To make readability stand out, the “12” hour marker was marked with the striking red. During the transition period from pocket watches to wristwatches, most wristwatches were finished with welded lugs on round cases. As a result, the derived locations of crowns became more, and the red “12” played an important role in the layout of dials. The demands for wristwatches with the red “12” or “XII” on the dial increased. With the development of wristwatches, the design for the crown located at 3 O’clock became the main stream. The red “12” or “XII” went away gradually. Besides the iconic red “12”, Longines Heritage Chronograph L2.775.4.23.3 has some other vintage features.

Vintage Features
First, Longines in squiggles under the red “12” stands out, starting in 1920. Some of watch fans thought it’s better to add a sand clock with wings under the brand name, but the design wasn’t used in the beginning. The only “Longines ” in squiggles echoes to the earlier background better. Second, blued-steel hands and indexes. Blued-steel handed look more attractive on the white lacquer dial, featuring abrasion resistance and rust protection. Last, the most recognizable design is the mono pusher.

Mono Pusher
The world’s first chronograph wristwatch was made in 1915, featuring the mono pusher chronograph. To 1923, the double-pusher chronograph watch was born. The mono pusher manages “Start and Reset”, and for the double pushers, one is the “Start/Pause” pusher, and the other is the “Reset” pusher. Today, tool watches are popular more, so the mono pusher chronograph watch is the best choice. First, press the pusher once, the timing starts. Then, press it again, the second hand will go back to the original position. It means the mono pusher can’t manage “Pause”. Third, the button with three functions will accelerate the inner steel components wear. In a word, mono pusher chronograph is inferior to the dual pusher chronograph. But in today’s society, a wristwatch is like a decoration not a tool or timepiece. The rarer, the more popular.

Longines L788
Longines Heritage L2.775.4.23.3 is equipped with L788 on basis of ETA7750. Watches by Longines come with movements by ETA SA, but ETA produces mainly main-stream movements, so Longines entrusted ETA SA to modify a mono pusher chronograph movement according to ETA 7750 in 2009. From cam to column wheel, from dual pusher chronograph to mono pusher chronograph, L788 became better and better. The blue-coated column wheel is visual through sapphire back.

Longines Watchmaking Tradition has a long history and reflects excellence, and Longines has launched a lot of outstanding chronograph watches since the 19th century. It has been well known for elegance all over the world. Under the influence of Swiss long watchmaking history, Longines shows bold and innovative spirit on watchmaking technology and styles, thus it takes a place in the global watchmaking market. Among the Watchmaking Tradition Collection, the Master Collection embodies the elegant essence of Longines brand fully, popular with global watch fans, especially the Asian region. Longines Master Collection has reflected profound, exquisite watchmaking skills and experience of the brand since it was released formally in 2005. Today, Longines has been a branch of Swatch Group for Middle Class. Most watch fans know more about models with basic functions, but in fact, Longines complicated wristwatches are excellent, like Longines Master Collection Retrograde Moonphase L2.739.4.71.3.

Longines Master Retrograde Moonphase L2.739.4.71.3 features elegant look, four retrograde functions and understated luxury. Some of Swiss top watchmakers have produced complicated wristwatches, but the price is quite expensive. It’s impossible for Middle Class or elites to buy a retrograde moonphase complicated wristwatch by a top watch brand. Reference L2.739.4.71.3 is the most trustworthy of complicated wristwatches with similar functions. It not only meets watch fans’ demands for complicated wristwatches but improves the brand image. Let’s appreciate refined details and good performance.

Exterior Details
That we like a wristwatch starts with its watch case and dial details. Reference L2.739.4.71.3 has a 44mm-diameter watch case polished through mirror-effect process. Against the background, dial details stand out. The white grainy dial is worth being appreciated for long, vintage and delicate. There are 5 functions display on it except hours-minutes, the long rainbow-shaped date window at 3 O’clock, the long rainbow-shaped second time zone aperture at 9 O’clock, the fan-shaped small seconds at 6 O’clock, the fan-shaped day window at 12 O’clock and the eye-shaped day/night display in the day window. A small dial holds six functions, and the balanced, reasonable layout is worth being praised. For fear of bad readability, all scales are black and all hands are blue. The design for sapphire back allows users to appreciate the automatic movement. To carry elegance through to the end, 44mm case is equipped with brown alligator-skin bracelet.

Functions And Performance
From the clear layout on the white dial, we can get to quickly know its functions. Due to rainbow-shaped arc windows and fan-shaped apertures, four blue hands will retrograde to the origin when they arrive the final number. Although retrograde is not a difficult skill, a retrograde wristwatch is quite expensive. In fact, Longines Master L2.739.4.71.3 sells for under 5,000 dollars. Most think in-house movements are better than those by ETA or Sellita, but it’s not absolute. Longines Master Collection Retrograde Moonphase watch is equipped with L707.2 on basis of ETA2892. L707.2 supplies the watch with 48-hour power reserve, not a chronometer by COSC. Its precision and reliability is inferior to the top retrograde wristwatch. 30-meter water resistance just provides daily protection, a little weak. Frankly speaking, Longines Master Collection Retrograde Moonphase L2.739.4.71.3 is not a perfect timepiece, but from the price, it is luxurious.

Longines created its first quartz clock in 1954, and it set a series of records for the timing precision in Neuchatel Observatory, being used for different fields. In 1969, Longines made the Ultra-Quartz wristwatch, the first quartz model being put into production. Longines Conquest V.H.P. Quartz Watch produced in 1984 set a new record for accuracy at that time. At Baselworld 2018, new Longines Conquest V.H.P. Quartz Chronograph watch was displayed, available in blue, carbon, silver and black. It is a new interpretation of Longines Quartz heritage.

It was Longines’s 185th anniversary in 2017. In honor of the splendid moment, Longines Conquest Calender watch with 5-second daily error was launched in Neuchatel Observatory. With accuracy, high technology and sporty look, it was impressive deeply. New faces inject fresh blood into the Conquest collection in 2018 again. Among 4 editions, I like Longines Conquest V.H.P. Quartz Chronograph watch L3.717.4.96.9 best. It features elegant blue, strong sporty style and refined dial.

Watch case in 316 L steel, at 42mm diameter, is treated by mirror-effect polishing and brushed polishing. In addition to the bezel and small details, the rest shows brushed treatment so that high quality stands out. Even though the steel case is scratched by accident, it’s more convenient to deal with the issue. From the side at 9 O’clock, streamlined curves extend towards lugs. After putting it on the wrist, I know how perfectly the entire curve and lugs fit on the wrist. As for the other side, shoulders protect the crown with the brand logo well. Two push buttons separately are located at 2/4 O’clock. Like most chronograph watches, the button at 2 O’clock controls “Start/Pause” function, and after the other button is pressed, the timing second hand will go back to 12 O’clock.

Blue threaded dial presents red, white and gray layout. To guarantee readability in the dark condition, baton-shaped hour markers and central hands are coated with Super-Luminova. Red scales, white scales on inner ring and red second hand are helpful during the timing. Small counters at 3/9 O’clock are fitted with the same hand in red and gray in order to keep consistent with the timing hand. From the counter at 9 O’clock , the counter at 3 O’clock to the sub-dial at 6 O’clock, white scales on them become denser and denser. White frame makes date aperture more striking. V.H.P in red symbolizes heritage of spirit. Blue threaded dial and tone-to-tone rubber band is a good match. Longines Conquest V.H.P. Quartz Chronograph L3.717.4.96.9 shows elegant scent and sporty style.

Longines Conquest V.H.P. Chronograph watch L3.717.4.96.9 is equipped with L289.2, a quartz chronograph movement. Besides timing, EOL will send out warning signals when power is off. Loninges is an affordable expensive brand, and watches by Longines face to elites. Reference L3.717.4.96.9 is a good choice for elites and sport-lovers.

Longines Master Collection, launched in 2005, is popular with watch fans for elegant look and simple dial. It is a classic interpretation for Longines traditional style. To 2018, Longines added the annual calendar to the Master Collection. Longines Maser Annual Calendar was unveiled at Baselworld 2018. The combination of an annual calendar, the affordable price and eye-catching look makes it be the cheapest calendar wristwatch in the history. Longines Master Collection has adhered to the brand’s classic and elegant style since it came out. New faces are launched every year, popular across the world. Longines Master 2018 is equipped with in-house mechanical movement with calendar.

The calendar watch was developed by Patek Philippe in 1996. and it has a short history. Its popular feature is that the calendar can judge days of every month but February, and it save a lot of troubles. Top watch brands all launched calendar wristwatches, but they are quite expensive, so quite a few of watch fans can not afford it. Appearance of Longines Master Annual Calendar makes many see hope.

At first glance, Longines Master Annual Calendar doesn’t look like a complicated mechanical wristwatch, but “ANNUAL CALENDAR” at 6 O’clock proves it. Overall, it continues elegant style. 40mm mirror-effect steel watch case is finished well. Quite a few watch fans think that case of Longines Master 2018 resembles IWC style. I think so, because IWC watch features round case in big size with a narrow bezel. Fluent curves extend to lugs along with the round case, more suitable for curves of wrists. The steel crown with a brand log, whose textured surface is convenient for adjustment. Leaf-shaped hands go around four dials in different styles. Minute/second scales are set on the slant inner ring, and number scales every five minutes/seconds are convenient for readability. Day and date display at 3 O’clock. Longines L897.2 is visual through sapphire case back, especially the rotor with a sand clock with hollowed wings. 25,200 vibration frequency per hour, 64-hour power reserve and 30-meter watch resistance are enough in the daily use. Longines Master Collection is the first with annual calendar, so the Master Annual Calendar is a trustworthy timepiece.

Longines Master Annual Calendar L2.910.4.78.3
Reference L2.910.4.78.3 features white grainy dial, blued-steel hands and brown crocodile skin bracelet. It fits mature, elegant and clean businessmen.

Longines Master Annual Calendar L2.910.4.51.7
Frankly speaking, reference L2.910.4.51.7 is not the style I like. I prefer bright, elegant and clean dials. The model features black grainy dial, rhodium-plated hands and Roman hour markers. It is equipped with tone-to-tone crocodile skin strap in business style.

Longines Master Annual Calendar L2.910.4.77.6
Reference L2.910.4.77.6 features beige grainy dial, rhodium-plated hands and diamond hour markers. The all-steel design is used better in different occasions.

Longines Master Annual Calendar L2.910.4.92.6
Reference L2.910.4.92.6 features all-steel design, blue dial and rhodium-plated leaf-shaped hands. It contains both business style and sporty style.

Longines, a long-history watchmaker, forms its brand image and brand features on basis of traditional heritage and new aesthetics. Every timepiece reflects perfect balance between exquisite and classic designs. As a global watch brand, Longines has adhered to its traditional value “elegance” since it was founded. Longines DolceVita is a core representative of elegant ladies’ wristwatches. The model still adorns ladies’ wrists since it made its debut in 1997. Inspired by Italian “la dolcevita” sweet lifestyle, Longines features streamlined rectangle watch case and attractive details in rectangle space. In order to show modern elegance further, Longines chooses yellow gold and rose gold to inject novelty for new faces.

Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds were the best friend of women. Exactly! Ladies are attracted by diamonds from antique to today. Diamond models of Longines DolceVita collection are popular with ladies. Longines DolceVita Rose Gold Diamond Ladies’ Watch Ref. L5. will be a good partner symbolizing your personal attitude. Ladies are attracted by two lines of diamonds at first sight. There are totally 46 pieces of top Wesselton VVS diamonds weighting 0.280 carats on left/right sides of the rectangle case. Brilliant diamonds against rose gold base look more luxurious. From 3/9 O’clock, fine and shiny arch line is impressive deeply.

Round watches are main-stream trend in the watchmaking field. Most people are keen on chic models, like cushion-shaped models, square models or rectangle models. Chic timepieces draw ladies’ attention more and show distinctive personalities and tastes. A rectangle luxury wristwatch makes ladies stand out in the crowd. Rose gold is the most graceful precious metal. The combination of rectangle, rose gold and shiny diamonds makes Longines DolceVita L5. bear infinite charm. Silver white flinqué dial looks not only clean but rich. On it, blue lacquer Roman hour markers are stretched a little, appealing to a great number of ladies. Blued-steel central hands ans small second hand echo to blue hour markers. View the entire case and dial at a distance, rectangle case, rectangle track-typed scale and square small seconds lock elegance and female charm. Longines and the sand clock with wings tell centurial history. The rose gold crown set with a sand clock logo is made well. Black represents mystery, mature charm and stable character, a versatile and classic color. Rose gold diamond case and black crocodile skin strap is a decent and classic match. The side touching wrists and the clasp are printed with Longines logo. Brushed case back in rose gold enhances the entire graceful charm further. Longines DolceVita Rose Gold Diamond L5. is water resistant to 30 meters, a good choice in the office or in leisure style.

Nowadays, rectangle ladies’ wristwatches are available in watch brands, but Longines DolceVita collection is less expensive. Elegance is an attitude, and ladies with the attitude can own a Longines DolceVita watch due to moderate price. A rectangle wristwatch in rose gold set with diamonds shows girls’ extreme elegance best.

Where there are people there are contradictions and struggles. The same to the development of timepieces. Revolutionary Civil Wars, even the World War I/II, Quartz Crisis destroyed many of watch brands, but quite a few of them persists to today. Every of watch brands experienced some shocks, like bottleneck, acquisition. Every has different experiences, but finally, each of decisions they did is right in special situations.

Longines ranks below Omega, but in the past, Longines had a higher reputation when it was an individual watchmaker. Many of us bought hours-minutes-seconds watches and Conquest watches by Longines, but in fact, its advantage is chronograph in the peak period. Before Longines stopped to produce in-house chronograph movements in the 1950s, most brands, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin included, introduced semi-finished chronograph movements from Valjoux or Lemania. Before the 1950s, chronograph movements Longines produced not only gave it self-sufficiency but were in high quality. Longines had two star chronograph movements, 13ZN and 30CH.

The picture above shows that the movement is not an ordinary model. After seeing complicated-structured mechanical movements, many can’t imagine it by Longines. What’s more, Longines 13ZN, hand-wound chronograph movement, was launched in 1936. 13ZN was the most famous chronograph movement, available in two versions: normal grade and special grade. They have different structures and functions, but both of them were top for Longines at that period. 13ZN features 8-teeth column wheel, bimetal temperature compensation wheel, aclinic clutch and balance wheel suspension. The outstanding point of the special version is the design for Central minute hand and 60-minute chronograph inner bezel instead of 30-minute counter/sub-dial. The design was unique then. The blued-steel minute hand and the red second hand are in contrast. The normal version is quite excellent, featuring two-eye counters and Flyback.

Because of Valjoux and Lemania rising and high cost of 13ZN, Longines 30CH was born in the right moment. 30CH, 29.8mm×6.2mm, was fitted with 8-teeth column wheel, aclinic clutch, shock system, double-arm screw balance wheel and regulator pin. Although it is inferior to 13ZN, it is popular with collectors. Once, an antique Longines chronograph 30CH in 18K pink gold was auctioned for 20,000 dollars.

22A was the first self-winding mechanical movement by Longines, born in 1945. Automatic movements were not only in small amount but wound through pendulum bob or bump rotor in the 1940s. The early automatic movements by Omega works through the theory of bump rotor. Central self-winding tourbillon applied to Longines 22A, so Longines was one of the earlier watchmakers using self-winding technology. From the picture, we can see a thin bearing fixing the self-winding tourbillon. 22A supplies approx 36-hour power reserve.

Although Longines was forced to lower its grade after acquisition, Longines had a splendid history. It’s possible for Longines to climb the peak of the watchmaking field in the future.


As we all know, watches by Rolex are popular at auction or in the secondary market. You don’t know that status of Longines in watchmaking field was equivalent to one of nowaday Rolex in the 1950s. At that time, Longines has realized in producing in-house complicated chronograph movements and deals of Longines antique chronograph watches at auction can prove it. At that era, many of high-end watch brands, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin included, purchased semi-finished movements from Valjoux and Lemania.

There was a competition between Longines and Rolex in 1960. Auguste Piccard, a famous Swiss meteorologist, had a concrete conception on how to drive a submersible vehicle under 2000-meter deep sea. In 1951, he set about producing bathyscaph he imagined with his son, Jacques Piccard, an oceanologist in Trieste, Italy. And bathyscaph was finished and called “Trieste” in the same year. On January 20, 1960, The “Trieste” dived under the seawater. It took Auguste Piccard and Jacques Piccard 4 hours and 43 minutes to dive it to the deepest place of World Ocean, Mariana Trench. The final diving depth is 10,916 meters. They realized their dream and became the most successful and legendary heroes designing and driving a submersible vehicle. During the diving process, “Trieste” carried chronograph devices by Longines and Rolex under the seawater. Rolex Deep Sea Special was placed on external, and two chronograph timepieces by Longines kept records when elevator chamber started.

In 1959, Longines lunched Nautilus Skin Diver Ref. 6921, 40mm, and its replica edition will arrive the market at the end of 2018. To meet the market’s demand, all details will maintain the original look but the diameter in 42mm. Back then, Nautilus Skin Diver Ref.6921 got good feedback after it arrive the market. One year later, Longines Legend Diver Ref.7042 was born, and it is short of “LLD” by collectors. Longines launched replica edition of LLD and LLD date replica watches in 2007 and 2011, 2012. For 2018, Longines Legend Diver Black PVD displayed at SIHH.

Replica edition maintain 42mm dimension. Black lacquer dial is divided into an outer ring and an inner dial. Antique Arabic number hour markers are printed on the inner dial at 6/9/12 O’clock. Luminescent scales every 5 minutes supply convenience under the seawater. Unidirectional rotating bezel is controlled by the crown at 2 O’clock. Antique Arabic number-15/30/45 and the inverted triangle remind divers of air supply. Also, faded yellow index and convex bubble sapphire crystal highlight historical status of LLD.

Interesting that the case back is engraved on a diver with a fish spear in his right hand. After finishing your diving and taking off your diver watch, the mark leaves on your wrist. It’s an honorable moment. Longines Legend Diver Black PVD looks chic and distinctive. Milan-style rubber bracelet is stout and durable. After replica edition of Nautilus Skin Diver arrives the market, you plan to choose Nautilus Skin Diver Or Longines Legend Diver?

As a branch of Longines Sport collection, the Hydroconquest collection adheres to classic and elegant style. Thanks for brand reputation, good look, higher cost performance and diversity, Longines Hydroconquest diver is popular with the elite. New faces of the Hydroconquest collection continue heritage and show more practical features, like screw-down crown, screw-down case back, shoulders on both sides of the crown, bidirectional rotating ceramic bezel and folding-over clasp with safety. Inspired by aquatic sport, Longines Hydroconquest Diver 2018 shows impressive modern style, especially reference L3.781.4.96.6. In addition to the pursuit of accuracy, Longines works diligently to research and expand new fields. It pays attention to elegant designs and innovative concept more, and every detail is finished well.

The first reason most elite men choose the ocean blue diver watch is that its exterior look is attractive. Blue sun-brushed dial produces gradient effect in the sunlight. It and brushed 316 L steel watch case bring simple and pleasing visual effect. Blue echoes to the theme of a diver watch. Clear and simple design for the dial and dot&Arabic number hour markers, hour and minute hands filled with super-LumiNova® make users get high readability. Brushed and polished steel bracelet shows distinctive charm.

The second reason is that it is added to more practical details. First, blue high-tech ceramic bezel. Ceramic features lustre, hyper patience and anti-abrasion. Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathom both are equipped with high-tech ceramic diver bezels, but their are expensive and luxurious. Longines Hydroconquest Diver costs at most 2000 dollars. Many of diver watches for the price come with anodised aluminium bezels. So, quite a few watch fans give preference to Longines Hydroconquest Diver. I can’t understand why Longines installed bidirectional rotating bezels to the new faces. Safety concerned, unidirectional rotating bezel is the best device. It’s just my personal view, and I suggest users use it seriously under the water. Screw-down crown and screw-down case back guarantee better waterproof property. Double-layer folding-over safety clasp with extended links adds safety system in order to prevent mistake operation under the seawater.

The third reason is reliable waterproof property. Longines Hydroconquest Diver L3.781.4.96.6 is equipped with L888.2 on basis of ETA2892. 28,800 vibration frequency per hour, 64-hour power reserve guarantee strong and stable performance. Water resistant to 300 meters. The design for screw-in crown and sealed case back adds additional safeguard to waterproof property.

Reasonable price, outstanding exterior look and practical functions make Longines Hydroconquest Diver 2018 bear advantages in the diver watch circle. Longines positions itself as the affordable watch brand, so watches by Longines are popular with elite men all over the world. Whether you like diving or not, whether you can dive or not, Longine Diver L3.781.4.96.6 is a smart choice.