The workplace is the battlefield for adults. Here, you must be brave to meet opportunities and challenges. But sometimes, you need some matching skills to stand out from the crowd. Your wearing philosophy is the expression of self-style. In the face of different occasions, you should always show the best state: release passionate creativity in the work; stay calm at the meeting; interpret the fashion charm at the party; exude elegance in the dinner.

“Self-presentation” at the Conference

Meetings are an important occasion in the workplace. How to express yourself to win the favor from leadership is a compulsory course for a workplace. In the eye-catching formal occasions, it is a must to speak good, but the details of the accessories can inadvertently show the true attitude. Every elite in the workplace has a watch with exclusive style. The steel watch with simple lines is matched well with a smart suit. The logo is replaced by bees and stars. The understated but hidden edge is simple but not simplicity, just as your work attitude in the workplace.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

Elite women in the workplace, the meticulous image makes people feel incomprehensible, and always falls into the stereotype of “strong women”. With a small suit and a small watch, they add a touch of tenderness to the wrist to ease the serious atmosphere. The cold and hard wind brought by steel and PVD materials is matched with the cute cat animal pattern, combining of softness and softness as well as gas field and affinity, which showcase the modern professional women’s style without fear and difficulty. The Gucci G-Timeless series watches break the traditional design concept of the watch, redefining the beauty of the watch with a three-dimensional suspension effect, showing the extraordinary taste of the wrist.

Gucci G-Timeless Wristwatch

“Bright Eye Talks” at the Party

Weekend gatherings are both an exciting Casual Day and a great time to expand your network. Pick a piece with a story, talk about the connotation, and let your friends shine on your eyes. Gucci’s new watch recreates the classic elements. The stripe pattern was originally designed by Gucci in the 1950s. The green-red-green stripe is also the iconic classic element that Gucci has been using for a long time. It is now used in the dial and strap, which is intended to pay tribute to the brand’s classics and is also the best piece to match the casual style.

Gucci TimeToParr Models

Gucci G-Timeless Striped Watch

Tips of stealing the spotlight in Dinner Banquets

Gold ornaments, like diamonds, are always good friends of women. If you match the gold ornaments with the gemstones, you will not only avoid the golden age, but also the ingenious mix and match will be better than the single element, highlighting the delicate texture. In the occasion of dinners or annual meetings, the stars are shining and the clouds are shining. Le Marché des Merveilles collection jewelry with elegant dresses, 18K yellow gold with pink Opal stone or black onyx set with diamonds, the moment you wear it, it is different, since exquisite accessories will easily attract the audience.

Gucci Le Marché des Merveilles Collection Jewelry

Careful Matching Skills in Workplace

Can’t stand the same dress code in black and white dress? Paired with a delicate silver color jewelry will make you more vibrant. The Blind for Love collection silver jewelry with black spinel perfectly echos the color of the assembly, rejecting thousands of people and making you stand out. Start with your styling, inspire creativity and enjoy yourself with beautiful shapes while you are busy in work.

Gucci Blind for Love Series Jewelry

Face the different moments in the workplace with a variety of styles, let the poetic aesthetic accessories express a different professional attitude.

In 1993, Chopard’s co-president and creative director Caroline Scheufele designed a sports watch with a unique combination of materials. At that time, the combination of precious diamonds and steel-like sports materials was an unimaginable combination. Carolyn Scheufele was creative and pioneered the history of jewelry, perfectly combining the two together. Although the diamond has been detached from the setting, Carolyn Scheufele hopes to make it more amiable, while still fascinating. Diamonds are no longer limited to grand occasions, but become an easy-to-match accessory. Happy Sport is accompanied by women to enjoy a colorful life. Since its inception, it has continued to evolve, echoing the style and evolution it symbolizes.

Happy Fish 18K rose gold watch with a diameter of 36 mm, gold dial with snowflake inlaid dark blue gradient sapphires, glittering mother-of-pearl embossed arched sea fish, with 7 sliding diamonds, hour, minute and second. Self-winding movement, power reserve 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror and bottom cover, crocodile leather strap, limited to 25.

Chopard Happy Fish Domed Fish Blue Sapphire Dial Moving Diamonds Automatic Limited Edition Watch

Reference: 274891-5019

Case Material: 18K Rose Gold

Case Diameter: 36MM

Case Thickness: 12.65MM

Dial: Gold Dial with Snowflake Inlaid Dark Blue Gradient Sapphires, Shimmering Mother-of-pearl Embossed Domed Fish with 7 Moving Diamonds

Bracelet: Royal Blue Leather Strap

Buckle: Pin Buckle

Movement: Self-winding Movement

Power Reserve: 42 Hours

Functions: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

Limited Edition: 25

The Back of Happy Fish Power Reserve Self-winding Timepiece 274891-5019

Sapphire gathers into deep sea water, mother-of-pearl and gold leaves embellish the waves, diamonds outline the crystal spray: Chopard craftsmen lead us to the deep sea with exquisite craftsmanship, exploring the fascinating world of ambiguity and change. The new Happy Fish watch is inherited from the series launched in 2002. The dial presents a gorgeous sea fish made of gold and mother-of-pearl. The snowflake-inlaid gradient sapphire creates a marine background. The fish is made of mother-of-pearl and the fish pattern is hand-paved. Made of gold leaf, the dial of seven sliding diamonds flutters around the fish like a foam. The red jade fish stared at the eyes calmly.


The fish’s curve is smooth, elegant and moving, and it shines in the sunlight. When the night falls, the fish body is filled with a soft turquoise blue halo. Exquisite and delicate engravings and flowing inlays create a fascinating sight, night after night, and it is with endless changes. A dreamlike picture takes 30 hours to complete.

The Making Process of Happy Fish Dial

The superb skills of the Chopard Jewelry Workshop are also reflected in the bezel, which is embellished with three different cut and staggered diamonds for a softer color effect, while the 18K rose gold case with the Royal Blue Alligator strap. Self-winding mechanical movement is very ideal for each women.


Fine, Accurate and Beautiful Design

When the president clasped the steering wheel and drove his imposing Porsche 550 Spyder RS car, he absolutely grasped the full road driving, the steering wheel was accurate, the brakes were stable and fast enough, and the driving car could not tolerate the slightest mistake. Just like the design of this 42mm chronograph watch, the driver must be able to read the scale of the dial outer bezel speedometer at a glance, while at the same time taking into account the road conditions in front of the road. This precise, easy-to-read and beautiful watch with the three silver chronograph sub-dials is inspired by the sports dashboard on the dark grey dial with hour, minute and second display scales. The Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition is not just a simple reading tool, it is also a wrist device that can help gentleman drivers.


Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition is designed with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 42mm and a water resistance of 50 meters. It is equipped with a automatic mechanical movement. The power reserve is about 42 hours and it is certified by the COSC, providing hour, minute, second, date and chronograph display, with black calfskin strap, it is limited to 1000, reference: 168589-3006.

Distinctive, Strong and Elegant Style

If you have the chance to meet Karl Scheufele in front of his Vittoria hotel in Brescia, you will immediately understand what a gentleman driver is! Holding the steering wheel, wearing an impeccable polo shirt, a traditional camel-colored leather jacket, a pair of chic pants, and delicate leather gloves, all show the spirit of Chopard’s most cherished “extreme style racing”.

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele、Christine Scheufele and Zagato

The Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition chronograph watch is equipped with a self-winding chronograph mechanical movement. The strap design is also very clever: the front perforated leather is embellished with red stitching, making people remanding of the car’s retro seat; the reverse rubber lining evokes the top-notch legendary Dunlop tires.

The Advantages of the Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition Watch

50 meters of waterproof performance can accompany the driver in the heavy rain without any worries, but also complement the formal style. The strap attached to the short ear of the case is also very cleverly designed: the perforated leather on the front is decorated with red stitching, reminiscent of the retro seat of the car; the rubber lining on the back evokes grip First-class legendary Dunlop tires. Inspired by the racing world, the sleek design also features a fluted crown that looks like a fuel tank cap and a timing button that looks like an engine piston.

The 30th anniversary of the collaboration between Chopard and Mille Miglia on the back of the Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition

An Exclusive Timepiece Compatible with Superior Performance and Sophisticated Style

The design is inspired by the corrugated dial of the racing dashboard, which is known to be compatible with the performance and retro style of this watch. The red Mille Miglia logo is located at 12 o’clock, the calendar display is located at 4:30, and the design is subtly covered with a luminous coating. Every detail has been carefully conceived. Because the Mille Miglia is a 1000-mile test of endurance after all, it takes 4 days to travel between Brescia and Rome for more than 1,600 kilometers. When arriving at the end, it is often night. Therefore, the pointer coated with luminous coating can clearly read the average speed of the driver, and the ultimate style watch that the gentleman driver can’t put it down.

Mille Miglia 2017 ©Alexandra Pauli for Chopard

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collaboration between Chopard and Mille Miglia, and for 30 years of unwavering enthusiasm for the Corsa la più bella del mondo, Chopard launched a limited edition this year, that is Chopard Classic Racing Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition 42MM Mens Wristwatches.


A 42mm watch with deep enthusiasm will be launched this year with the ultimate style and precision, such as the sports car on the track. To celebrity the anniversary event, the Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition 18K Rose Gold & Stainless Steel Watch 168589-6001 is limited to 100 while the Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition 42MM Stainless Steel Watch 168589-3006 is limited to 1,000.

Mille Miglia 2017 ©Alexandra Pauli for Chopard

Enthusiastic Story and Elegant Style

It all began in 1988, when Chopard became the partner and official timer supplier of the world-famous antique car race Mille Miglia, the double convenience made a knot. The long-standing love between Chopard and the antique racing community stems from the personal love of antique cars by Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, and he is also a professional driver who loves collector cars. He decided to combine the classic racing with the fine watchmaking, which has shown that he is a foresight pioneer in the watch industry. Since then, this pursuit of superb machinery and excellent sports performance as well as this common enthusiasm has become the starting point of a series of highly appreciated watch series.

Mille Miglia 2017 © Alexandra Pauli for Chopard

The Chopard Classic Racing Mille Miglia series introduces masculine and sporty watch masterpieces, with elegant and chic style, they perfectly reflect the spirit of “Corsa la più bella del mondo” called by Enzo Ferrari. For three decades, every year during the car race, Chopard launched a limited edition watch to commemorate the car race, and the design inspiration also came from these legendary sports cars. This year, gentleman drivers and fans will see this superb Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition racing watch celebrate its 30th anniversary with its authenticity and elegance.

Romain Dumas and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele at the Mille Miglia 2017 Event

Romain Dumas and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele Driving at Mille Miglia 2017

Family Heritage Spirit

The Scheufele family is passionate about the Mille Miglia, and this enthusiasm is passed down from generation to generation. All family members have attended the Mille Miglia. The co-president of Chopard started his career on the track of the Mille Miglia under the professional eye of his father, Karl Scheufele. For a father, this is always a very special and precious moment. Initially, his father passed his passion for the antique car to him. Obviously, the desire to pass on enthusiasm is so fascinating. I am passionate about fine machinery from the bottom of my heart. Whether it is watch machinery or automobile machinery, what better than this? However, the Mille Miglia is a rigorous event that must face all sorts of tests. Drivers must always bet 100% focused because there are no mistakes in the course. In addition to the inheritance, you must take care of teaching, sharing and companionship in order to avoid the trap, driving a sports car to win. The necessary conditions participating in the event are logically similar to the qualifications required by Chopard watchmakers.

Totto Wolff Mille Miglia 2017

COSC-certified Stylish Watch

Constant regularity? The Mille Miglia is a race to test the regular performance, which is a test about comparing to the ability of each driver to maintain a smooth speed throughout the endurance race, rather than the race to compare the highest speed. Similarly, the COSC-certified calibre on the Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition is also able to withstand the constant-law operation, maintaining the accuracy that the errors of plus or minus four seconds per day. This accuracy of travel time is no accident. The 28800 vibrations per hour and the 42-hour power reserve ensure the constant operation of this self-winding watch. The oriented exploration, accurate roadmaps as well as careful planning and preparation are indispensable conditions. For more than three decades, the Mille Miglia collection created by the watchmakers of the Chopard Watch Factory has followed the rigorous process of adding the Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition to the same rigorous standards. The dial with delicate and unique pattern, the chronograph button and the crown’s finishing details, as well as the sapphire crystal case back with the words “Chopard and Mille Miglia’s 30th Anniversary” are all showing the perfect retouch of this chronograph watch.

Chopard Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition watch is designed with stainless steel and 18K rose gold case, 42mm diameter, 50-meter waterproof, automatic chronograph mechanical movement, 42-hour power reserve, and it is certified by the COSC, providing hour, minute, second, date and chronograph display. It is also equipped with black calfskin strap, limited to 100, reference: 168589-6001.

Highlighting the Symbolic Meaning of Peony with the Fleurisanne Carving Process

The elegant peony not only blooms on the dial, but also in the movement, so that the peony flower and its symbolic meaning are fully exerted. In Asia, peony represents the prosperity of wealth, but also symbolizes a happy marriage, and because of its medicinal value, it means the blessing of good health. Peony spring blossoms, so it is also used to describe the beauty of women. The craftsmen commissioned by Chopard followed the guidance of these symbolic meanings and carefully carved the peony on the 18K rose gold movement splint in a skillful manner.

Chopard is proud of the Fleurisanne carving process that can be used in the Fleuriye region

In order to give the L.U.C. XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony a lifelike peony pattern and imagery, it takes two weeks of work to engrave the movement. The feature of this embossing technique is to sculpt the material around the pattern and retain the pattern that you want to present. The vortex peony petals and leaf patterns are engraved on the remaining surface. Then, they are carved one by one in the surrounding recesses to create a grainy appearance. After the engraving process is completed, the movement is then chrome-plated to create an elegant and rare two-color movement.

Chopard LUC XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch is designed with 18K rose gold case, 35 mm diameter, hand-finished Fleurisannes craft engraving – peony decorative pattern and gold dial with black peony pattern, which is very exquisite and personalized. And it adopts with the most characteristic paper-cutting technology in Swiss Pays d’Enhaut region, the time-division display, LUC 96.23-L self-winding movement, 65-hour power reserve, 30-meter waterproof and anti-glare sapphire crystal matching well with the black brushed fabric (glossy) strap, this Chopard L.U.C XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony 18K Rose Gold Diamonds Limited Edition Wristwatch 131944-5003 will meet your demands of pursuing fashion and stylish.

Therefore, each manufacturing step of the L.U.C. watch is completed entirely at the Geneva and Fleury production sites within the brand. From movement development, finished product design, casting gold, case stamping and finishing, movement components, metal bracelets, polishing, assembly, diamond setting, tuning to quality control, Chopard is fully capable of mastering all the watchmaking process by itself.

Chopard L.U.C XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony 18K Rose Gold Limited Edition Wristwatch

Reference: 131944-5003

Case Material: 18K Rose Gold

Case Diameter: 35MM

Case Thickness: 7.70MM

Strap: Black Brushed Glossy Fabric Strap

Buckle: Pin Buckle

Movement: Self-winding L.U.C 96.23-L1 Mechanical Movement

Power Reserve: Approximately 65 Hours

Water Resistance: 30 Metres

The new LUC XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch has all the procedures that are so exclusive. The movement, which is equipped with the outstanding movement LUC 96.23-L, proves that it is equipped with Twin patented technology. The coaxial double barrel gives power reserve for up to 65 hours. Putting such a self-winding mechanical movement into an ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 7.70 mm is a veritable technological innovation. And this is entirely thanks to the savvy construction of the micro-rotor. This miniature oscillating weight can be seen through the transparent bottom. This fascinating floral rose gold watch is limited to 8 models.

This is a precious and extraordinary annual covenant, and it almost becomes a consistent ceremony. Every year, Chopard regularly introduces a unique interpretation of the peony flower for the L.U.C XP watch collection. This flowery, fragrant, symbolic and loved flower from ancient times finds space on the L.U.C. XP series 35mm watch.

In addition to the exquisite and delicate decoration of the watch with the fleurisanne carving process, Chopard Watch Factory added a similarly delicate craftsmanship to the new year: the new work of paper-cutting art. Although it is a two-pronged options, it has a consistent goal: to reflect the peony flower that is strong, graceful, and fleeting.

The Chopard watch factory is located in a quiet little valley of Fleuriye. In the spring, the valley is full of wildflowers, so Fryrier is famous (Fleurier is translated as “Fleurier”, but the root of the words means “flower”). A long time ago, this town gave birth to many traditional watchmaking techniques, and its exquisite craftsmanship was famous in China in the 19th century. Based on the long-standing relationship between Fleurier and China, so whether on the surface or in the heart of the L.U.C XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch, the representative flower peony of China is blooming.


The L.U.C. Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch continues the craft floral watch that has been launched in the L.U.C. Esprit de Fleurier collection since 2015. It re-uses the elements of the collection, using its light and smooth lines, and retaining its timeless immortality. However, Chopard has boldly combined two different techniques this year to bring together two top-end high-end skills.

2017 Chopard L.U.C. Esprit de Fleurier Peony Watch

Peony’s Fleeting Beauty

Peony is a kind of rich flower with a national color and a fascinating but declining in the blink of an eye. The flowering period of the peony lasts only a short period of two weeks, and as long as it is hit by the wind and rain, the time when people can enjoy their gorgeous flowers is even shorter. Chopard chose to use the paper-cutting process to show the king of this delicate and noble flower.

The master of paper-cutting craftsmanship cuts out the delicate peony pattern, and the yin and yang alternately reveal the three-dimensional petals

The finished peony petal pattern was then pasted onto the large open flame enamel enamel dial

Chopard subtly blends the art of the East and the West, displaying the patterned stylized peony on the new L.U.C. XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch, which highlights the art of the contrast between “virtual and real”. The peony flower carved out of black paper is gracefully displayed on the white dial made of enamel. The bezel, the lugs, and the side edges of the middle layer of the case are inlaid with delicate and exquisite diamonds, not only bringing out the elegant silhouette of the dial, but complementing the peony by the precious diamonds.

In addition to the peony flower of the paper-cut art, the Chopard movement engraver carefully carved the peony on the 18K rose gold movement splint in a skillful manner

Since 1988, Chopard has been the official timekeeper for the Mille Miglia event. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the partnership with Mille Miglia, the Geneva watchmaker Chopard launched a new grigio sporty style watch, the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale Wristwatch 168566-3007, to witness the brand’s enthusiasm of antique racing.

This sleek and stylish watch has a grigio look and belongs to the Mille Miglia GTS collection, which is launched by Chopard in 2015. The collection is inspired by the Italian legendary antique car race that has been officially timed since 1988. Its elegant aesthetic design and outstanding technical performance make it an exclusive top timepiece.

The case is made of titanium, with 43mm x 11.4mm size, it is designed with an anti-glare coated sapphire crystal. The titanium bezel is decorated with black aluminum inserts and sparkling numbers. DLC black steel screw-in crown is embossed steering wheel pattern. The back of the watch is engraved with the words “Brescia > Roma > Brescia” with colored mirrors, red washers and PVD screws. The water resistance is 100 meters.

Grigio rhodium-plated dial is designed with white transfer scale and matte black Arabic numerals. The date display window and the pointer power reserve display are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. Arabic numerals, hour markers, and black hourly hands are coated with SuperLuminova fluorescent material to ensure clear reading even in dark environments. The central seconds hand with red tip is strikingly eye-catching.

Ferrari red, grey and black details, as well as oversized digital time scales reminiscent of the 1950s car dashboard, the new Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale watch is a symbol of cherishing the spirit of the antique car race for Chopard brand.

Equipped with Swiss-made Chopard Caliber 01.08-C self-winding movement with 40 jewels, and its vibration frequency is about 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), which is certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). It is equipped with hollow oscillating weight, and the full string can provide up to 60 hours of power reserve. It has hours and minutes, date and power storage display function.

This watch features a black matte Cordura strap with a shot-finished stainless steel folding clasp, and it is limited to 1,000 pieces.

The watch lovers who are also interested in sports can collect one as personal investment, since its deep and dark sporty style is mysterious and mature enough to meet your demands. And the cordura strap is very comfortable to wear, what’s more, it is easy to clean up and maintain.

Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control Grigio Speciale Wristwatch 168566-3007

Reference: 168566-3007

Price: £6,640.00

Diameter: 43MM

Thickness: 11.4MM

Case Material: Titanium

Crown Material: Stainless Steel

Strap: Black Matt Cordura®

Buckle: Stainless Steel Folding Clasp

Movement: Self-winding Chopard 01.08-C Movement

Power Reserve: 60 Hours

Water Resistance: 100 Metres

Limited Edition: 1000

C Ronaldo helps Portugal win

In the second round of the World Cup group stage, C Ronaldo still gives high performance. The worse Portugal play, the better C Ronaldo can show.
The Portuguese team lacks of defensiveness, the midfield shorts of offensive and defensive conversions. Due to the shortage of neat offensive game making the every attack very painful. But fortunately the team has C Ronaldo — a beast of Portugal and he can help the team win the game which have no hope to win. He used his header to help Portugal lead four minutes after the start of the game.He carried with the team and made every effort to win the Portuguese team. After the match, Ronaldo was again praised by the international media.

Spain’s “Marca” played the title of “C Ronaldo is still the most decisive figure in the World Cup” and praised C Ronaldo for playing a decisive role. Almost at the same time, “Aspen” praised C Ronaldo as “Prince Luzhniki” and said that the Real Madrid star has scored 4 goals. He helped Portugal win a difficult victory. Although Morocco performed well, it was the first one to be eliminated.

Catalonia’s “Daily Sports News” even played the “Portugal is C Ronaldo + 10 other people” headline, pointing out C Ronaldo’s position within the Portuguese national team. C Ronaldo scored a goal soon after the start of the match to help Portugal win. Although Morocco played well, it paid the price for wasting the opportunity.

The king of the football world, C Ronaldo is passionate and outstanding at the stadium. While, he is full of love outside the game and is a full-fledged life experiencer.

As a TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Ronaldo often wears TAG Heuer watch.

On the 6th of this month, he met with a sick child to wear a TAG Heuer Gallant Tourbillon watch.
Let’s talk about C Ronaldo’s choice: the Calibre Heuer 02 watch.

High-end movement – Calibre Heuer 02

This movement is derived from the classic Calera series of self-winding chronographs that is self-developed and manufactured by TAG Heuer, integrating 168 components. Premium watchmaking standard device including column wheel and vertical coupling clutch. This modern, accurate and reliable mechanical movement is stylish, accurate, a single barrel providing 75 hours of power reserve. Through the hollow dial and the sapphire crystal case back, the state of the art of high-end mechanical devices can be seen at a glance.

This TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Chronograph watch is a return to the truth, the black dial uses a classic 3-6-9 chronograph layout taking with a 1963 prototype. The minute and hour counters are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. Small seconds hand is set at 6 o’clock and a calendar window is added at 4:30 o’clock.
polished case with the rotating bezel joined by the black polished aluminum 12 hours scale or bidirectional is low-key and luxury.

The result of the race is very significant, but the process is the most exciting of a race.
Just for a watch, the appearance is undoubtedly the first impression, but the internal structure is the key to winning word of mouth and standing foothold. TAG Heuer, like C Ronaldo, makes the world worship.

There is a saying in the jewelry industry that diamonds are long-lasting. In the watchmaking industry, it is no exaggeration to say that metal chain bracelets (mainly gold, stainless steel, titanium and platinum) enjoy a similar reputation. But this is not completely accurate. In recent years, rubber straps have continued to develop, and high added value has made it catch up with metal chain bracelets. Rubber is becoming an increasingly valuable material in terms of strength, durability, creativity, performance, and even development costs.

In the watchmaking world, no one can deny Biwi’s central role in the gradual transformation of rubber. This family company in Glovelier, Switzerland, has earned the respect of well-known brands in the industry. It seems that prudence is one of its key attributes. The main brands supplied by Biwi are unknown, but for a long time, RICHARD MILLE has established a fruitful partnership with the company, which includes a transparent rubber strap that has been developed over two years.

Richard Mille Wristwatches With Rubber Strap

Rubber straps can achieve such high visibility and technical achievements mainly for two reasons: one is plasticity and the other is “melting”. Plasticity includes shape, material and color, as well as antibacterial and deodorant treatments. Everything, or almost everything, is possible. The “melting” also contains unlimited possibilities. For example, the Hysek Kilada 41mm stainless steel automatic chronograph inserts the “H” insert in the rubber strap to pay tribute to the brand logo. The “H” inserts vary in material, steel, titanium or gold, depending on the model.

Hysek Kilada 4MM Stainless Steel Automatic Chronograph Rubber Strap Watch

Another major feature of rubber is its close connection to automotive tires, and this applies to almost all watchmaking brands seeking inspiration from the automotive world. In this regard, Chopard is a pioneer in the industry, the most representative example is the strap with the same contour as the Dunlop tires of the 1960s. At the time, Dunlop tires were considered the best tires on the market, and the tires of Karl Scheufele (the father of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele) chose this type of tire. In 1995, Chopard decided to recreate the era with the Mille Miglia collection.

Chopard Mille Miglia Race Edition Rubber Strap Wristwatch

Two years later, another Geneva manufacturer, Patek Philippe, put this idea into practice, and the brand specially designed the famous “Tropical” strap for the Aquanaut series watch. The development of such straps took more than a year, and multiple steps were required in manufacturing, using a variety of machines, including 150-ton presses.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Tropical Strap Watch

The latest example of the integration of tires and straps comes from Roger Dubuis. As part of the collaboration, Roger Dubuis manufactures straps from Pirelli’s assembled racing tires. In this very unique collection, each watch corresponds to the seven famous color schemes of Pirelli. There is even an Excalibur Spider Pirelli Sottozero in the collection with a titanium stud in the rubber strap, echoing Pirelli’s famous snow tires.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli Sottozero Rubber Strap With Titanium Studs Wristwatch

Rubber straps are growing rapidly, but given the novelty, there is still much room for exploration. One possibility is to add fluorescent materials; another is to make a fuss about strength and thickness to develop a robust rubber strap that is as robust as an ultra-thin watch. For example, the RICHARD MILLE strap can withstand 20 kg of traction.


Richard Mille Wristwatches With Rubber Strap

Eberhard & Co. Scafograf GMT “The Black Sheep” Rubber Strap Wristwatch

Ulysse Nardin Diver Deep Dive Rubber Strap Watch 3203-500LE-3/93

In the end, there is no doubt that the bracelet will follow another major trend: customization. We can look forward to seeing some of the colors that are not yet found in the brand’s popular palette (specifically, depending on customer needs), with more or less special materials (Santa Barth’s sand, Havana’s cigar leaves, UAE’s Crude oil), as well as shapes that have never been seen before (such as rubber cuffs). The prospects are very broad, but the production of temporary rubber straps is still in the hands of subcontractors. Increasing correlations may change the status, and we may see related mergers and acquisitions in the future.

Power Reserve is one of the functions that define the characteristics and limitations of the watch, which determines the maximum running time of the watch (after each full string), in other words, after removing it from the wrist (automatic movement depends on the wearer’s movement without interruption), or twice the winding gap (manual movement, manually wounds at regular intervals), the longest time the watch continues to run. According to the wearing habits, the power reserve has also experienced significant development.

Chopard L.U.C Heritage Grand Cru Wristwatch with 65-hour Power Reserve

Before talking about the growth of the watch’s power reserve, you first need to be aware that these numbers should be treated with reservations. As the barrel continues to release energy, the watch will gradually lose its precision. The mechanical movement relies on a constant power supply to maintain accuracy, and in the last four or five hours, the power supply is declining and the accuracy of the watch is greatly impaired. Therefore, we need to subtract the part from the given number to ensure that the watch continues to display the correct time after the memory is exhausted.

Urban Jürgensen The Alfred Watch with 72-hour Power Reserve

Movements more than 30 years ago often follow traditional norms, which provide 38 or 42 hours of power reserve, corresponding to a six-day work week, which is the norm for a long time in the past. As weekends become more popular, the 38 or 42 hour power reserve is somewhat out of place. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, the watchmaking industry had other concerns, mainly to equip the wrists of the developed world with affordable watches as quickly as possible. Then, in the 1980s, mechanical watchmaking brands struggled to cope with quartz shocks. As a result, the power supply of the watch movement has stagnated for a long time. In addition, intrinsic friction, size reduction and cost constraints are also responsible for the slow progress.

Rebellion T2M Timepiece with 83-day Power Reserve

At the turn of the century, the diameter of the watch is enlarged, and the number, size, and energy stored in the barrel also increase. At the same time, the idea of having multiple watches began to dominate. Many customers choose to buy two watches, one for work and the other for leisure. The watch for work needs to increase the power reserve to ensure continuous operation from this Friday night to the following Monday morning. As a result, 60 or 65 hours of power reserve began to emerge, in fact, it has become the standard for the development of the latest generation of movements in the past five years.

IWC Portofino Hand Wound Moon Phase Edition 150 Years Watch with 8-day Power Reserve

Buyers’ hobby for more advanced features has spawned many movements with power reserves of 8 days, 9 days, or even 10 days. The standard is inherited from the long shell clock and pocket watch, which is equivalent to more than a week after the full string, very convenient. These movements are usually equipped with multiple large barrels and are designed manually. After all, the addition of an automatic mechanism makes them look too bulky.

A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 Watch with 31-day Power Reserve

The pursuit of high performance has driven the power reserve to break through the limits. The A. Lange & Söhne Lange 31 is a large (46 mm diameter, 16 mm thick) watch that is almost no longer suitable for wearing. This watch has a power reserve of up to 31 days and comes with a dedicated winding key to save your fingertips.

Hublot Big Bang MP-11 3D Wristwatch with 14-day Power Reserve

Hublot uses the Bugatti cylinder design to increase the number of barrels in MP series, providing a series of extreme power reserves for 10 days, 16 days, 40 days, or even 50 days. The brand even developed a dedicated electric Torx stylus for the winding operation of the ultra-long power reserve movement. The Rebellion T1000 wristwatch has a power reserve of 1,000 hours, while the large T2M watch (58.7 mm in diameter) lasts for 83 days before the upper shaft is hidden in the bezel. Obviously, the pursuit of performance often affects ergonomic considerations, as the extreme watches are always like that.