At the 2018 Baselworld International Watch & Jewellery Show, Chopard launched a new extraordinary timepiece, including the Happy Sport series, the L.U.C series, and the Mille Miglia series.

2018 Chopard Happy Sports Wristwatches

Since 1993, the Happy Sport collection has crossed the boundaries of gender and style, with stainless steel and diamonds, and it has a moment of solidification. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the series, the Chopard Happy Sport collection introduces a new model, it extends to the Happy Fish, the Happy Ocean and the Happy Snowflakes watches, all of them are the classics of the Happy Sport collection, witnessing an important moment in life. This series of watches breaks the traditional relationship between the wearer and the time, leaving a strong mark on the watch industry: the wearer is not reading time, but to enjoy the fascinating sight of the spinning diamond and its trajectory.

2018 Chopard Mille Miglia Timepieces

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the collaboration between Chopard and Trinidad, the brand launched a Mille Miglia 2018 Race Edition racing watch this year, it is a limited edition, and it is an excellent chronometer watch certified by the Swiss Official Observatory’s Precision Timepiece.

2018 Chopard L.U.C Watches

The L.U.C All-in-One watch is compatible with the essence of the big complex function, and the outstanding and elegant aesthetic style of the LUC series. It fully displays the charm of the color and the delicate details, which is the time of Chopard watchmaking workshop to the peak and the exclusive masterpiece of the brand. This series is limited to 10 platinum and 10 18K rose gold. The L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater introduces a new platinum style. The Chopard brand’s first minute repeater is adorned with a unique grey tone shell, but continues its revolutionary technology and unique high-quality sound. Chopard launched a L.U.C Heritage Grand Cru barrel-type observatory watch in platinum, its sensuous curves are more striking thanks to the brilliance of precious stones. L.U.C Quattro watch is equipped with L.U.C 98.01-L movement, with up to 9 days of power reserve function, and it has obtained the Swiss official observatory precision timepiece certification, which is considered a model of contemporary elegance. The L.U.C XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch combines engraving and paper-cutting to showcase the patterned stylized peony.

2018 Chopard Diamonds Watches

Chopard, a watch and jewellery brand, sings extraordinary creativity, cleverly capturing the complex and powerful nature of opal and revealing its charm. The brand combines this mysterious gem with modern design to create a natural blend of styling and materials, creating three masterpieces of watches, which just like colorful amulets, displaying mysterious magic.

Chopard, a name that is no stranger, when mention to this word, your first reaction must be the talented musician and his world-famous piano music. However, this Chopard is not that Chopard. It is not a famous song produced by the masters of the world, but a masterpiece from the hands of skilled craftsmen; it has no lingering sounds for three days, but it can also bring people the touch and joy of art. In more than 50 countries, Chopard watches are regarded as the best in the simple and elegant timepieces. You can pay close attention to it if you are interested with.