October 2018


Every man has a racing dream in his heart, seeking a sense of satisfaction between control and steer. At the same time, it is an attitude towards life: passion faces challenges and never gives up. Like the racing car, the watch is a mechanically precise combination. And the watch releases “energy” in the competition with time. For example, this Baume & Mercier Capeland Cobra Limited Edition watch M0A10282 is as fascinating as the racing car.

This is not the first watch that the brand has teamed up with Carol Shelby. And the initial cooperation between the two companies was intended to pay tribute to legendary Carol.

The story about legendary Carol Shelby
More than fifty years ago, Carol Shelby won the FIA GT International Championship. Not only it has revived the reputation of American racing cars, but it has also brought the iconic Cobra Cobra racing to the world. Designed and developed by Carol Schell, this car is faster, lighter and more agile than other models.

Inspired by the Cobra Racing, the Baume & Mercier watch draws on the many elements of the car, making every person wearing the watch proud. The celebrity has reinvented the racing scene through exquisite watchmaking skills. It is believed that this line is concise. The watch with timing function and speed measurement makes countless racing enthusiasts feel excited.

44 mm diameter watch is equipped with a wear-resistant sapphire crystal. Through the anti-reflection mirror, the green luminous decoration can clearly show the dial information.

Asymmetrical timing dial is reminiscent of the iconic instrument panel of the Cobra. The sun-satin polished black dial with silver and yellow scales is more eye-catching. The long, rhodium-plated yellow luminous second hand is decorated with the Cobra logo at the end, which is very interesting. There are two horizontal racing lines hidden below the dial. This design is derived from the racing car body and symbolizes the relentless pursuit of speed. The speedometer scale surrounds the bezel, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the racing from watch. This watch highlights the characteristics of the car and is loved by racing players.

The steel sapphire crystal case back provides 50m waterproof. And on the back of the sapphire crystal glass is also engraved with the words “N °15”, which is in order to commemorate No. 15 Cobra.

The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement Valjoux 7753 that is covered with a black PVD coating, providing a 48-hour power reserve for the functions.

Paired with a black alligator strap, the watch has the the yellow calf leather rubber lining. It also maintains the same color and style as the Cobra Racing. Equipped with the stainless steel triple folding buckle, the watch is comfortable and gentle for customers.

If the cool color that gives the gentle feeling, it is definitely sand. This is the middle color between brown and orange. It is a color that can change the warm and cold colors according to the mood. This is a younger color that is perfect for those who are new to the workplace. Moreover, this color has been applied to many brands and is very popular. And as the element, this color does not like white or black as wild, but can also display its own characteristics for wearing. It is the ideal color for people who are looking for fashion and personality. Today, the classic product of Baume & Mercier Humberton series also launched this color ladies fashion watch M0A10081.

The simple function of Baume & Mercier Humberton M0A10081 ladies watch also meets the characteristics of most women watches. Because women are not very fond of mechanical movement. Therefore, most of the ladies’ watches on the market still use quartz movements. This Humberton watch has a quartz movement that is light and convenient.

The overall design of watch is a sleek and minimalist design. Square dial features a satin-brushed silver-white dial with gold-plated time hands and rivet Arabic numerals, making the entire dial simple and stylish. And the rivet-style time scale adds a three-dimensional feeling to the calm dial, while the gold-plated hands are simple yet elegant. In addition to the date display function, there is no extra decoration for the entire watch, which is very good showing of the personality of the watch design.

The sapphire crystal glass watch mirror makes the time easy to read. However, as the sapphire crystal glass is thicker, which will be higher than the case. And this does not have a good protection of the mirror. In the case of impact by external force, the crystal is very easy to break. In fact, this brand can find a solution. Can’t let beauty pay too much.

This watch uses a quartz movement that should be Swiss ETA. In order to protect the movement well, watch uses the stainless steel back cover. And the decorative rectangular pattern adds some beauty to the monotonous bottom. In addition, the watch is also engraved with the unique number of the watch and waterproof performance, so that users can understand the characteristics of watch.

The biggest highlight of this watch is the sand crocodile leather strap, making it the darling of the watch industry. The adjustable triple folding clasp looks and feels secure while also providing the wearer with comfort and convenience feeling.

Sum up:
40×27.1 mm diameter sleek ladies’ watch, and the case is made of polished stainless steel, which is perfect for young women. And with the quartz movement, it is very light and reduces the pressure on the wrist.

It is said that man’s life can not be lack of a watch, because the timepiece reflects the man’s identity, but also shows the man’s taste and attitude towards life, For women, time gives women more insight, maturity and charm. A woman who knows how to wear and appreciate a watch must be able to read and understand the ups and downs of life, and know how to cherish time and cherish possession.

Baume & Mercier artistic watch is inspired by the vibrant colors of Pop Art with creative artistic inspiration and a vibrant glow. Equipped with a unique interchangeable strap, all women can match their moods to create their own style. Four different color combinations bring a touch of brilliance to summer.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Yellow Watch 10230

This artistic look of watch, such as the golden texture of sun-kissing that naturally exudes the unique personality and charm of women.

The 27mm diameter silver-gray dial is matched with the sun grain, which looks low-key and steady. The stainless steel bezel is engraved with 1 to the Arabic numerals markers that is very chic. This is why I like this watch. The small silver pointer rotates on the disc surface, showing the change of time. The surface of dial has been carefully polished and has no excessive decoration, which is comfortable.

The one-piece lugs extend the lines of the case very well. The steel crown is surrounded by coin grain and the middle raised design is very eye-catching. As the watch has a quartz movement that provides two years of power at a time. The compact design protects the internal structure of the watch and extends its service life.
The strap of this watch features a top-quality matte satin crocodile leather that feels silky and soft. In addition to the leather strap, the watch also has a steel strap. The wearer can choose the style that suits her or his needs.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Green Watch 10229

This indispensable color is quite vibrant in the 1970s that is energy and lovely. This watch is fresh and energetic with a fresh and energetic atmosphere, sparkling the natural charm of the youth, and rejuvenating the modern and unique personality.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Pink Watch 10228

This candy color of this watch is sweet, tender and creative. The strap is bold and stylish, which will be an important element of beautiful makeup. Perfectly matched with the same color lip gloss and nail art that will make the appearance perfect.

Baume & Mercier Linea Quartz Women Purple Watch 10231

This color has a pleasing texture, which is noble and elegant. Inspired by its charm, the beauty master opens a more psychedelic color journey for people.

The trend of modern fashion is a society that emphasizes individuality. The same design and style are often not valued by people. As a famous watch brand in Switzerland, Baume & Mercier is a good interpretation of personality and fashion. Combining modern elements with traditional classics, the balance between the two is achieved by brand. Baume & Mercier redefines the women watch in the design field, with a constant stream of inspiration to develop a unique and innovative timepiece look.

This Promise series breaks through the traditional watch styling concept and presents a unique appearance with a circular shape embedded in the oval shape, which brings out the softness and gentleness of the watch. Today, we will bring people a Baume & Mercier Promise 10166, which is a versatile fashion watch.

34 mm diameter round stainless steel case is luxury with 61 diamonds. Oval diamond bezel matches against the deep black mother-of-pearl dial, giving the watch an ultra-fine look.

The black dial is decorated with the guilloche pattern. Roman numerals in 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock is engraved by the Mosaic technology. Other markers are set with 8 exquisite diamonds. With polished enamel-style hands, it is convenient to read time. The steel screw-in gear crown is integrated into the case. Polished top is engraved with the brand logo to represent its noble brand identity, which looks classic and elegant.

The lugs are smooth and look small. With the fine polished, the short lugs can better fit the slender wrists of women.

the watch takes the movement is quartz, which is made from Swiss. The watch is able to offer the correct time and 50m water proof that is enough for daily life. As it is a quartz watch, so the brand doesn’t take skeleton case back. For one thing, it can save the cost, for another thing, it has no occasion to take this complicated process for this style watch.

Black crocodile leather matches the dial well. And it makes the in one piece. In my opinion, I prefer the leather than stainless steel band for the comfortable experience. And for fall or winter, the stainless is so cool that I couldn’t wear it at once. For one coin has two sides. The leather is soft and simple, while it is easy to be broken. Moist, high temperature or scratch can reduce the service life of the watch strap. So if you have the time and energy, take a leather might be a wonderful thing. If not, you’d better choose the stainless steel band instead.

With stainless steel pin buckle, it is simple and convenient. The buckle is polished with the logo of brand. These details show the intentions of brand.

“It is aestheticism, and only makes the best quality watches” has always been the creative concept of Baume & Mercier. Clifton launched in 2013 has attracted the attention of many watchmakers. In 2017, Baume & Mercier launched Clifton dual time zone storage power display watch M0A10316, which is specially designed for global travelers. Inheriting the elegant style of brand, the practical function of the dual time zone display makes the watch be the best choice for people who need to work across time zones or often traveling abroad.

Clifton dual time zone power reserve display watch still inherits the elegant style of Baume & Mercier. The thickness of the 43mm diameter stainless steel case is 12.05mm, which is more suitable for most men to wear. A dark blue dial polished with sun satin finish with a gradual gradation, giving the disc a harmonious beauty. This watch take the combination of number and stick markers, which has the feeling of funny and sport.

White date display window is set at 3 o’clock, which is unified with the white detailed lines in the dial. The power reserve display in half moon shape is designed at 6 o’clock, and the second time zone with the same shape of 12 points echoes each other. And in the design of the power reserve display, the designer will also add a striking red to the “0” hour, prompting the user that the power is about to be insufficient. With this intimate design, the watch reflects the perfect control of the details of Baume & Mercier watch.

The dual time zone function of the watch can display both time zones simultaneously. And by distinguishing the red or white pointers of different lengths, the diurnal situation of the second time zone can be judged according to the pointer.

Double beveled design, the silver case presents two characteristics of stainless steel. The edges are fine polished, which is smooth. While the side satin finish is used to reduce the damage of the overall appearance of the watch by accidental scratches.

One-piece lugs design extend the lines of the case to accentuate the overall aesthetic. Engraved with the logo of brand, the bevel on the side of the crown is polished, and the overall feeling is strong. With the non-slip texture around the design, the crown is easy to operate time.

The watch owns a black crocodile leather strap. With triple folding safety buckle,the watch feels comfortable. And the back cover can appreciate the appearance of the fully automatic mechanical movement. It is beautifully decorated with Geneva ripples and the brand logo. Equipped with the Swiss made automatic movement, this watch has 50m daily water proof and 42 H power reserve, which can meet the needs of customers.

“Loyal to the traditional design of brand, at the same time blending modern elegance and style”, this is the distinctive character of the Swiss watchmaking Baume & Mercier. In fact, the watch does not have a very good design, but the classic elements and excellent performance will always impress consumers.

In addition to the simple appearance of the Clifton new watch in 2018, the most attractive is the Baumatic™ BM12-1975A movement with a large power reserve that has captured the hearts of people. Let’s take the Baume & Mercier Clifton watch M0A10401 as an example to appreciate the charm of this collection.

Highlight of this new watch – the first self-produced BM12-1975A movement
The most popular of this year new watches is the first self-control movement of brand. The unique grinding process makes the movement more recognizable. Efficient anti-magnetic performance (equipped with a hot silicone hairspring) can ensure accurate and stable travel time. In addition, it has 120 hours (5 days) power storage, making the watch more durable. It is worth mentioning that this movement also has a five-year warranty, no worries.

Stainless steel case with 18 K rose gold bezel is a wonderful combination. Through the polished process, the watch seems more mellow. And I perfect the unique feeling from the rose gold bezel that always make me clam.

The side of the watch is brushed and polished, which effectively reduces the impact of accidental scratches on the overall appearance, and the post-processing is relatively convenient.

The white ceramic dial matches the rose gold thin sword (lancet) needles well. With the diamond engraved face, the rivets are slender, showing the special design of the brand. And the charcoal gray minute scale ring has the ability to make the time more simple.

The date display window is set at 3 o’clock, adding practical functions to the watch. Engraved with the famous “Φ” logo, the outer bezel is also made of polished 18K rose gold. The non-slip texture design makes the adjustment of the watch more convenient.

Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, the track of the movement will come to the forefront, and there is no interest. In addition, the watch is also certified by the Observatory to ensure its superior and durable quality.

Brown crocodile leather strap with square pattern is comfortable, making the whole watch simple and gentle. When with the same color seam, the strap seems gentle and modern, which can match almost any occasion.

Polished steel pin buckle is also engraved with the logo of brand, showing the overall style of the brand. Compared with the folding buckle, the traditional pin buckle can ensure the safety of watch and it is very reliable.

Since its inception, Baume & Mercier has always insisted on the concept of creating high-quality and low-priced products. Inspired by Swiss watchmaking traditions, it inspires design and produces a unique collection of elegance. Today we will come to appreciate Clifton series MOA10058 watch.

The Swiss made movement has 42 H power reserve with 25 gems. And the frequency of vibration is about 28800 per hour, which can make the watch function in a correct way and ensure the right time for people.
The thickness of the 38.8mm diameter dial is 9.4mm, which is common size for daily life that owner can accept it.
As the silver is the perfect color that can match almost all the colors, so the brand choose this silver dial to join the 18 K rose gold material, making the whole watch reflect a wonderful appearance.
The hands and the markers are all the overgild, which seems bright and graceful. The Arabic numerals markers only stay at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, and other markers are sticks. The hands in Dauphine (Crown princess) type add the fashion to watch.

Crown princess needles, the first is “DAUPHINE” in French. Because the badge of French prince had a dolphin pattern, so French prince was also called DAUPHIN.
The pointers are not designed in radian and replaced by clear line,which perfectly outlines the slim outer shape of hands in corners. Three-dimensional design allows the pointers to reflect the exquisite craftsmanship in simplicity.
The overall appearance of needles are sharp and clear, and the direction is also very clear. It is often favored by fashion, pioneers and avant-garde watches. Now look at the watch store, you will find such pointers abound.

Following the tradition, the Clifton series has a second scale ring on the outer circle of dial to make reading more precise. It also adds practicality to the watch. At 3 o’clock stands the date display widow, which is square and embedded. The black number is obvious.
Rode gold case is in Turtle shell and round aggregate shape. Case is polished and satin-finished to show the traditional essence of the celebrity hand-made watchmaking technique, which is gentle and smooth.
The crown with coin pattern is also the same material, and adjustment time is more convenient. Inlaid with the logo of the brand, the crown is designed with a dome.
The one-piece lugs combine leather strap with case, adding to the aesthetic value of the watch. Black crocodile leather strap is comfortable to wear and reveals a sense of luxury in fashion.

Screw down rose gold back has the sapphire crystal transparent center, which is a very clear representation of the internal workings of the watch. And 50 m water-resistant can meet the daily needs.