Smart watches


Smartwatches – they are definitely hot now, and the interest in these neoteric watches will only rise in the foreseeable future from the looks of them. Smartwatch has a built-in intelligent mobile phone system, which realizes the multi-function by connecting the network, for example, it can sync phone calls, texts, emails, photos, music, etc. Since 2013, Apple, Samsung and Google tech giants have launched their own smartwatches. However, there are many different smartwatches on the market, so choosing the right smartwatch can be quite important. So, before buying the right smartwatch, find out everything you need to know.

1.Phone compatibility

You need a device that works with your phone. While most smartwatches now have some degree of cross-platform compatibility, they may offer different features on different platforms. At present, five most supported smart watch platforms: Apple’s WatchOS, Android Wear, Pebble OS, Samsung’s Tizen and Microsoft’s Band. What’s more, Apple watch can only run on iPhones. The updated Android Wear Watch has recently received iOS support, but they are more active on Android phones. From the beginning, you have a multi-platform compatible smartwatch. Pebble is a strong contender, because it has three models that can run on iOS and Android. And Samsung’s new Gear S2 is only available for Android devices. More, the Samsung Payment support is limited to Samsung phones. If you’re a Windows Phone user, then Microsoft’s Band is your choice. Instead of a smartwatch, it is an excellent fitness tracker with a “smart” feature. And it works almost exactly like iOS, Android and Windows phone. In addition, it’s worth noting that having multiple platforms means your smartwatch will probably get the new features more slowly.

  1. Features and design

To some extent, every smartwatch can handle notifications. Moreover, they also provide music player controls, pedometers, variable dials and a varying number of applications. The Apple Watch is very powerful, including effective heart rate tracking, Siri integration, retina display and a wide range of applications. All Android Wear devices are compatible with the same broad-based applications and Google-centric features. Google Now Integration lets you easily conduct voice searches and remind you of things like appointments, travel times and the weather. As a general rule, Android Wear device costs $ 200 and does not yet have a heart rate sensor and a square display, while a $ 300 device can tracks your heart rate.

About design, most people will not buy smartwatches that they do not want to. So the design may be the most important part of buying a smartwatch. Therefore, it depends on your personal style and aesthetic preferences. Google Image Search will help you a lot. As we all know, Apple watch is very beautiful ut very simple. Most of its style is designed with Apple’s unique attachment system. However, these prices are likely to rise significantly. Android dominates round smartwatches. Most Android Wear watches have a standard strap size, so you can customize your exclusive smartwatch. Pebble has a lot of looks for choosing, such as Pebble Time, bight colors, not low price.

  1. Fitness and Battery Life

If you care more than just notifications, you also need a heart rate sensor or GPS. Heart rate sensors can track your entire day’s data. This is arguably the most robust health application on a smartwatch. Apple’s hardware configuration is not the same as that of Microsoft’s wristbands, but heart rate sensor is good. And it offers the best health tracking performance in current smartwatches. Android Wear devices have pretty good health apps, including the ever-improving Google Fit. In this regard, Pebble lags behind with only pedometer functionality. However, considering its price, size and battery life, we can hardly expect more.

No matter how hard the manufacturer, smartwatches can not be the same as the traditional long-term use of the watch. Depending on the display technology, the AMOLED and LCD displays allow up to two days for most smartwatches.

  1. Price

Of course, if their price is you can not afford, then all these are not important. For example, Apple Watch sells for 349 dollars. If you want a 42mm model, then the price is $ 399. For anything that is not rubber, it costs $499. And the price of the gold model soared to 17,000 dollars. Most Android smartwatches are priced at about 300 US dollars. Its price change depends on whether you are concerned about the circular screen or heart rate tracking and other functions. Pebble is doing well here, Pebble Time is priced at $149. The Samsung Gear S2 sells for $299 with a rubber strap, A classic look of metal and leather for $350, and $370 for 3G and GPS. More, $250 for Microsoft’s sensor-laden Band 2.

Today, the types of smartwatches on the market are more and more. Thus, how to choose a good and suitable smartwatch requires everyone to do some in-depth research. Therefore, hope the above key points about smartwatches can give consumers a core understanding.