April 2018


Ed Sheeran’s Wristwatch Collection
Different from the way he shows tattoos, Ed Sheeran loves wristwatch collecting in a low-key way. He seldom shows off his wristwatches, and he considers them as daily accessories although those watches are expensive and luxury. His taste extends up to high level on collecting watches under 30 years old. Although wristwatch collection requires wealth, good taste plays a decisive role in collecting watches. What really appeals to me is that his attitude toward collection watches. He never puts his collections into the safety box and treat them like treasures. He just wear them according to the occasions and mood and creates his own styles. If tattoos represents the development of his career, each of wristwatches he collected embodies the evolution of his taste constantly. From the journey of collection, the style he selects and collects wristwatches is the same as his music, unforgettable and memorable.

The styles he collects wristwatches are divided into two ways: one is the avant-garde and advanced sport timepiece, and the other is the decent dress watch. Any of those watches is a hot selling model in the market. Let’s appreciate them one by one.

Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton Skull Tourbillon

Hublot Big Bang Gold Chronograph watch

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

In his early collections, the advanced sport watches with avant-garde looking and bold size were worn on his wrist, such as Hublot Big Bang collection, the Classic Fusion collection and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore collection. He prefers black models with a hint of red or orange, and he continues this style in the later collection.









In the middle term, he continues the style. Richard Mille watch accompanied him the most frequently. He almost wore Richard Mille watch on his concerts, and I speculates the characters for light weight, good resistance to shock and good collocation make him preform freely. He also wore Richard Mille watches in his daily life and work, even though the watches are expensive and luxury. Richard Mille is a top brand he likes. The models spotted and not spotted add up to more than ten pieces. He seldom collected high-key models like the Richard Mille RM-056 and the RM52-01. Patek Philippe Nautilus watch and Rolex watch remoulded by BAMFORD often kept Ed Sheeran accompany in that time, but they seldom come along with him recently. He collected Rolex Yacht Master Ref.116655 released in 2015 with rose gold case and black rubber band, and the Daytona Paul Newman chronograph watch with black dial and white counters.

Patek Philippe Nautilus converted edition

Rolex Yacht Master Ref.11665

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman Chronograph watch

He collected Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref.5726A and Ref.5980 and the Aquanaut dual-zone watch Ref. 5164A. Another two Patek Philippe watches spotted brought up a hot topic. His Patek Philippe GMT watch Ref. 5130R was spotted when he honored the Order of the British Empire in 2017. The other one is Patek Philippe Grand complicated watch Ref. 5208T which was spotted at 2018’s BRIT Awards. With Minute repeater, chronograph with single pusher and instantaneous jump calendar, the complicated watch is the only platinum edition designed for Only Watch Charity Auction, pricing for Swiss Franc 980,000.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref.5726A

Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref.5980

Patek Philippe Aquanaut dual-zone Ref. 5164A

Patek Philippe GMT watch Ref. 5130R

Patek Philippe Grand complicated watch Ref. 5208T

Ed Sheeran’s cover shoot for GQ, the Brit Edition caused a stir, because he wore the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524G. The model Patek Philippe designed for Tiffany was printed with Tiffany logo and only sold at Tiffany exclusive shop. Ed smiled and said shyly in an interview, It’s hard to get the watch”. He often wears Patek Philippe chronograph watch Ref.5370 as well.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524G

Patek Philippe chronograph watch Ref.5370

After appreciating these watches Ed Sheeran collected, I really admire his Unique insight and excellent taste. He’s confident about wearing watches, and he always fulfill the watches’ utmost value. Music, tattoos and watch collections record his stages of life and his stories.

This is an article about my idol, Ed Sheeran. It’s the first time that I had listened to his song, The A Team released on June, 2011. I was moved by his unique but warm voice. I have been his big fan so far. He’s a gifted composer and singer and I usually listen to his songs. I’m happy that he made great achievements at this age. He has three hobbies-music, tattoo and wristwatch collection.

Ed Sheenran’s Music
As a new generation of musical composers, Ed Sheeran wrote many hit singles, such as Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, The A Team and so on. In 2011, the post-90s boy published his first album, which received consistent appraisal and recognition from music critics, other singers and fans soon. He has pocketed numerous prizes so far. It is not an accident that he succeeds in the music field. He slept out in the street, but he still persists in his music dream. With warm voice, touching composition, charming personality and sense of humor, he is popular with fans. In addition, the other topics people usually talk about are Ed Sheenran’s tattoo and wristwatch collection.

Ed Sheenran’s Tattoo
Ed Sheenran never makes a secret of his enthusiasm to tattoo. In an interview, he said each of his tattoos recorded his career, life and desire for future. He played a role as a boxer in the music video of Shape of You, topless. He’s not shy of showing his tattoos. Some thought his tattoos looked childish, but he said his tattoos would be cooler as he got old. Although he loves tattoos, he was determined not to get tattoos on his face and neck. He has left a special place to draw a tattoo representing his love for his wife Cherry.

His first tattoo is a bear’s paw drawn at the age of eighteen, and the green leaves beside it symbolize his whole life. In memory of his first concert in Canada, a maple leaf tattoo was drawn close to his wrist. “是” against red-circle background celebrates his first concert in Japan.

2013, Ed Sheenran had a tree tattooed on his right arm, and it represents his family.

The most eye-catching tattoo is the lion on his chest, symbolizing his career. The all tickets of his three concerts in UK sold out on July, 2015, so he got the lion tattoo and he thought it’s cool.

The “KOOL GUY” tattoo is designed by John Mayer, and he showed it in 2015’s show for the first time.

The “Lads on tour” tattoo on his left shoulder celebrates his mates with him on your.

His childhood name is Teddy, so he had a teddy bear tattooed on his right arm.

He had three boxing gloves tattooed on his right arm. There’re two reasons. One reason is that all tickets of his three concerts on Madison Square Park sold out; the other is that his grandpa is a boxer. The clove tattoo was drawn for his grandpa from Ireland.

In memory of the tour in Columbus, he should had Heinz Ketchup logo tattooed on his left arm.

In honor of his mother, he got a Mother and Child from Henri Matisse tattoo and bought the masterpiece for his mother with the first money.

The green gecko symbolizes wisdom and bright future. The glasses beside it are kept as a souvenir for his first glasses.

He had one of the lyrics from Re: Stacks by Bon Iver.

The orange Kiwi and koala were drawn in memory of the tour in New Zealalnd and Australia.

In memory of the cover version Don McLean sung by him, the starry night was drawn. The Lego image stands for his song-Lego House.

These puzzle pieces represent his good friends, and the blank piece is for his wife.

To celebrate The A Team to got played on the May of 2012, a blue wing flied his right shoulder.

There’s a Sagrada Familia tattoo on the right place of his abdomen when he was in Spain.

The sign for heartbreak was kept as a souvenir for his song, Hearts Don’t Break Around Here.

The snowflake was drawn in memory of the tour in the snow in 2012. “ your name “ tattoo echoes the lyrics of Wake Me Up composed in 2011. There’s a signature from Damien Rice above the “your name”.

When it comes to ladies’ wristwatches, Cartier, Bvlgari, Rolex, Longines, Rado, Movado and else come into my mind. These    ladies’ watches are equipped with quartz movements, which has subtle error and goes accurately. Low maintenance and                  light weight make the quartz watch more convenient to wear around ladies’ wrists. Quartz watch is the best option for                      girls  in the daily use. Here highly recommend three models of ladies’ quartz watches under $ 2,000.   

La Grande Classique de Longines Elegance Watch Ref. L4.

CASE MATERIAL: stainless steel and red PVD coating
DIAL: white mother-of-pearl
GLASS: scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
DIAMONDS: dial set with 12 top Wesselton VS diamonds, for a total of 0.048 carats
STRAP: stainless steel and red PVD coating bracelet with triple safety clasp and push-piece opening mechanism
MOVEMENT: quartz movement, cal. L209
WATER RESISTANCE: water resistant to 3 bar

Red gold and diamonds is a perfect match, and both of the two elements can stand out ladies’ temperament and charm. Thanks for the delicate quartz movement, cal. L209, slim watch case shows mother-of-pearl dial, diamond hour markers and red gold coating bezel to us. Eye-catching fine steel and PVD bracelet embodies elegance and good quality, delicate and durable. Such a simple but distinctive wristwatch around women’s wrists sets off unique personal charm.

Movado Museum Classic Women’s Watch Ref. 0606088

CASE MATERIAL: stainless steel yellow PVD
DIAL: black museum # 174, with concave dot
CRYSTAL: sapphire crystal
STRAP: black calfskin
MOVEMENT: Swiss quartz movement

Movado watch features simple style and no digital dial. The concave dot at 12 O’clock represents the midday sun. That central hands go around means the movement of the earth. Time flies as if the earth goes around the sun. Swiss quartz movement with stable performance provides the Museum Classic women’s watch Ref. 0606088 with accuracy and reliability. Gold-plated 316 L stainless steel watch case is more resistant to abrasion and scratch. Black calfskin watch strap always is comfortable.

Rado Coupole Diamond Quartz Watch Ref. 01.963.3855.2.092SIZE: 27.0
CASE & BEZEL: Stainless steel / PVD, Stainless steel
BRACELET: Stainless steel / PVD
DIAL: Light
CRYSTAL: Sapphire crystal
WATER RESISTANCE: Water-resistant 5 bar (50 m)

At the first glance, soft and elegant lines and simple style make the Coupole Diamond Quartz watch impressed deeply. Its own elegant temperament make slim wrists better. 316 L stainless steel watch case and bracelet are coated with rose gold by high-tech process, more resistant to abrasion and scratch.

When it comes to Bvlgari, the Serpenti collection will come into our minds. The Serpent-themed jewelry, wristwatch and other accessories all make a hit and sell well. Bvlgari never stops to use more excellent craftsmanship and cherish materials with the serpent-themed element to create the unique Serpenti watch. Among so many famous watch brands, why do famous female stars select the Serpenti wristwatches? First, a serpent represents wisdom, vitality and seduction. Second, the Serpenti watch is not only a wristwatch but also a jewelry bracelet, standing out wearers’ good taste and powerful charm.

Why Serpent?
A serpent totem as the root of charm has existed since ancient age. With a mysterious trait, a serpent appeared in fairy tales or folk tradition stories of any country of the whole world. In Ancient Greece, Asclepius was considered as God of Healing who held a sceptre with two serpents. People believe serpent means rebirth, healing and mysterious power. Besides, with the development of Roman culture, serpent totem became an important element in designing jewelry. Since 1940, Bvlgari collection has been inspired by the serpent. Bvlgari inherits the classic theme and creates infinite possibilities. There is no doubt that the serpent plays an important role in the development of Bvlgari. Elizabeth Taylor commissioned Bvlgari to design and produce a Serpenti bracelet in the 1960s. The 18K gold Serpenti bracelet inserted with a jade, rubies and diamonds was finished in 1968. With a jade serpent head and a tubogas body with diamonds, the Serpenti bracelet was worn on her wrist in the film Cleopatra, attractive.

A Brief Introduction to The Serpenti Tobugas Watch
1. The first Serpenti Tubogas watch with a champagne dial made in 1949 looks still avant-garde now.
2. By the 1970s, the Serpenti Tubogas watch began to transform to the more avant-garde style. The shape of the serpent head is available in round, square, octangle, pear-shaped and cushion-shaped. The watch case was set in the middle position or at the either end of the bracelet. There are more bracelets in steel, PVD steel, yellow gold and gold and steel version available. The watch in the picture below was made in 1972.

3. The Serpenti watch fused B.zero1 and serpent themes to show simple but modern style. The 18K gold edition made in 1994 is priced for $ 12,000.
4. To 2011, more precious metals, diamonds and mother-of -pearl were used. To people’s surprise, the Serpenti Tubogas Seven spiral watch was launched, even such a bracelet was 35 meters long.
5. In 2015, the Serpenti Tubogas Double spiral special edition watch in Rose gold was limited to 30 pieces in China, including Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao. The watch features a crown set with an egg-shaped pink tourmaline.

6. In 2017, the Serpenti Tobugas watch brought more surprises to the public. Steel edition, steel and rose gold edition with black dial. The double spiral steel version with burgundy red dial. The single/double spiral steel and rose edition with slate grey dial. Two of the most amazing models are the five spiral version and the seven spiral watch.
7. The 2018’s edition fused white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, delicate and luxury. Smooth and charming Tubogas bracelet. An crown set with an egg-shaped pink tourmaline boasts delicate and elegant charm.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Ms Chanel is the girl. Chanel built the unique style for Chanel High Fashion. The unique style and classic elements are applied to Chanel fine watchmaking perfectly. Another two elements of Chanel are the lion and black & white .

It’s said that lion-themed Chanel high jewelry was designed, since Ms Chanel’s sign is Leo. The lion looks more similar to the lion landmark of Venice, a queen-style lion. Designers have applied the lion mark to Chanel in-house movements, and the lion appeared on the self-made plywoods of calibre1, calibre 2 and calibre 3. Chanel displayed the Monsieur De Chanel Chronosphere clock and H5822 Monsieur De Chanel watch at 2018’s SIHH. Black sculpted lions prop up a round stereo clock, presenting post-modern baroque style. Another sculpted lion in a transparent clock gives off mysterious charm. Although the two works draw the attention, I prefer Monsieur De Chanel men’s wristwatch beige gold version & white gold version. With a beige gold or white gold sculpted lion, jumping hour and retrograde minute indication at 240°, Monsieur De Chanel watch is an absolute classic work.

H5822 Monsieur De Chanel watch

Monsieur De Chanel Chronosphere clock

ELEMENT 4: Black & White
In the opening scene of Coco Avant Chanel, Little Gabrielle Chanel was sent to an orphanage in a carriage. Nuns’ costumes, beds children slept in and black & white decor were planted deeply in Ms Chanel’s childhood, so preferences and extended creativities came from the memory of childhood. That Ms Chanel did well in using black and white to create rich collocation broke the old concepts that women only wore black costumes at the funeral. Black color was given a elegant and dignified life by Ms Chanel in 1926. Ms Chanel loves white and black.

Black and white not only lay the creative foundation but also improve Chanel High Fashion up to a top level. The design inspiration was applied to Chanel fine watchmaking. For example, Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Camélia watch used the coal-black lacquer dial and dazzling diamonds to show color-free absolute power. In addition to that, Chanel J12 collection is another main masterpiece inspired by black and white color. High-tech watch case in rich white and coal-black has been a classic element of The J12 collection. I can’t believe that Chanel just applied the two colors to design J12 collection, a good example of the most successful wristwatch series in the past 20 years. What’s more, Chanel continues to create another surprise with black and white. All new watches of Chanel made a surprise appearance at 2018’s SIHH, but I recommend the J12 Untitled collection highly, because the combination of black, white and unique Arabic numerals is really mysterious and amazing. The J12 Untitled watch is as simple as black and white, but full of mysterious charm. Chanel J12 Untitled collection: only 12 pieces are available. The J12 Untitled black/white high-tech ceramic and steel edition is limited to 1,200 pieces.

Chanel J12 Untitled collection

Maybe only two words to express Ms Chanel are black and white. I expect I can live my life like Ms Chanel’s attitude to the life. I am what I am, and no one can replace me.

Who can attract all attention on her? It’s Coco Chanel. She tried her best to bring her talent into full play, and her influence and quotes are immortal. The later generations have been researching her fashion creation spirit little by little. Designers bring classic elements and fresh vitality into new products. Chanel fine watchmaking reaches up to a new level in 2018. Who said High fashion brand couldn’t create advanced watches? I think the flawless fusion of perfect design and high-end craftsmanship successfully build exclusive features for Chanel. Chanel fine watchmaking is a successful model to combine high fashion and iconic elements. The four iconic elements will make Chanel watch one of the most recognized and classic watch brands.

ELEMENT 1: Celtic Four Fold Knot
Coco Chanel built up rich inspiration on colors, patterns and fashion in D’obazine orphanage, even high fashion and watches were inspired by celtic four fold knot decor on the windows. For Chanel watchmaking, to design movements with such patterns was a challenge. Chanel created such movements from skeleton design. Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton watch is equipped with in-house movement, calibre 3 inspired by celtic four fold knot decor. The difficult design is how to balance rectangle watch case and skeleton interlaced round circles. Parts of calibre 3 break conventional ways of thinking on designing the plywood and the bridge. From the disassembled parts, we see semicircle and arc-shaped parts which stand out iconic features of Chanel. High-end craftsmanship improves the skeleton movement to an aesthetic level successfully. What’s more, gear train in a vertical column looks unique.

Calibre 3

Chanel Boy.Friend Skeleton watch

ELEMENT 2: Camellia
It’s said that Ms Chanel was fond of camellias, because she likes La Dame aux Camélias. Ms Chanel wore a camellia-shaped brooch in 1923, which opened a new icon as design inspiration. Chanel high jewelry built a camellia-themed collection. Chanel cooperated with APRP yo create a camellia-shaped tourbillon. Thanks for outstanding design and look, the tourbillon gained affirmation from Geneva. The design director, Giulio Papi confessed the camellia tourbillon frame was the most difficult and challenging device of what he designed. The second self-made movement, calibre 2 is a skeleton movement themed by a camellia. Calibre 2 was assembled into Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton watch with rectangle case. The design for calibre 2 faced the same challenge like calibre 3, but calibre 2 with rich lines and layers not only forms camellia outline but also expresses vivid petals in simple ways. Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Camélia skeleton watch is equipped with calibre 2.1, the extended version of calibre 2. An eccentric skeleton camellia blooms in the dial, dazzling, luxury and elegant.

Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton watch with Calibre 2

Chanel Mademoiselle Privé Camélia skeleton watch with calibre 2.1