Vintage Watches


As a heavyweight artwork, vintage watches are already well-placed with its rarity, decorativeness, functionality and globalization. At the same time, they are also the fashionable luxuries for the rich to show off their wealth. At present, it is more valuable to invest in real, refined and new vintage watches. The so-called genuine article is not imitation. And it must be the competitive product of the same products. More, the vintage watches should be perfect and new. And it must not be worn out or incomplete.

The vintage watch is the art collection that combines dynamic and static. It is a symbol of culture, identity and taste. Here’s a brief look at vintage watches.

One, is time definition of vintage watches. You have to define the production of more than 50 years, limited production or the discontinued production. Moreover, the watch with accurate time and integral component is considered as antique watch. Because of the mass-produced modern wristwatches, they basically do not have any potential of the investment. Thus, the judgment of time and age is very important.

Two, is the vintage watch brand appraisal. To really collect and invest, you have to consider the brand of these antique watches. Famous watches, such as the vintage watches come from Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Omega and Rolex watches factories with a long history, are the key objects pursued by the world’s horological collectors. They deserve investors’ attention. Perhaps a limited edition watch or a special vintage watch is a highlight of investment.

Three, complex functions are good condition for distinguishing vintage watches, such as moon phase, calendar, tachometer and fathometer, etc. In addition, watches with having the square case and round case from the same brand and same quality have different prices. And the most precious is the platinum case, which in turn is 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 9K Gold, silver and steel etc.

As is well-known, there are many types of vintage watches. However, the longer it is, the more attractive it is. For watch lovers, rare vintage watches and pocket watches are appreciating fast and worth collecting. In general, the world’s vintage watches that sell astronomical Numbers, some thematic watches with special purposes, unique style, chic art watches, the brand watches, wristwatches with special cultural relics and commemorative watches, belong to the category of vintage wristwatches.